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Both Miss CRN and WOODRA had some very bad foggy headlamps and I went to Advanced Auto Parts and asked what works best.Mcguier's headlamp renewal kit,heavy duty is what he gave me.First you wet sand with 3000 grit paper by hand,wipe it off,then follow with 1000 grit paper and let dry.Then attach the buffing wheel to a drill,put a nickle sized dot of solution,and power buff it doing a small area @ a time and wiping off the areas as you go along.Finally put on the protective solution and you have very clear headlights.Worked great for me and beats having them done for 60 a headlamp.Hope you find this useful......Mike

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Do you use the 1000 grit first then the 3000 grit?

Wet sand with 3k grit then follow up with the 1k grit

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