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What years wee the parts interchanged?????? I had a 2001 and had some custom stuff remaining when it was gone and have looked at ones up to this the year ending for those parts and it changed in 06???

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Yes, the PT changed in '06 to the "Big Mouth" version...

One week ago we bought a 2005 Turbo Convertible with81K miles, one owner, all service records from date of purchase, great looking and running car..........added my door and hatch cups and stainless steel grill from the 2001 to it....but strut bar will not work so if you know someone with a non turbo 01-05 that may want an aluminum tower bar let me know........and anyone with accessories that will fit mine let me know also....sadly the local PT club we used to belong to ceased but I am told there are conventions and back to beach meetups still held yearly................Thanks for your reply............we are in SW Va so HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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