PT Cruiser Network

PT Cruiser Network

Hey everybody! Kentucky doesn't have a PT club, so I decided to start one. We'll be teaming up with the PT Cruiser BUS. If you're from Ky or know anybody from Ky with PTs, let them know about us. They can join from here and also email me at: Thanks, Brandon

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I will Join since I was Born in KY. but live in TN.
Good for you !! It's great to see a new club starting up. I wish you success.
Good luck in getting your club started. It is great to see new clubs being started. My wife and I are with the P.T. Cruisers of Michiana. We are a club located in North Central Indiana. The way our club got started is flyers were put on parked P.T. Cruisers and handed out to other P.T. people telling them of whom to contact if they were interested in joining a club. We are hosting the Amish Country Cruisin Event June 5-7, 2009. Go to our web site and check it out. We would like to see you and any other members you might have come and join us at our rally. You would also find many people there that would be glad to help you in what to do to get a club going. Bob

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