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Had a great 2001 years ago, daughter/son in law destroyed it and now after 4 years the wife misses her PT and wants another. Ours was shown in some shows,a lot of cruise ins and loved the Cranberry Baby. With the addition of our 8 year old grand daughter the funds are short but we found a 2005 beige convertible GT Turbo reasonable so it may come home if the deal can be made. Any comments or suggestions on the convertible????????????? I know trunk room is not the best but it seems adequate.

1. anyone out there have any accessories for a 05 lying around?

2. Are there still parts and accessories available?

3. What should I be aware of on the 05's?

4. I still have a stainless grill from the 01 and a front strut bar and door cups also. I believe all but the strut bar will work on an 05, (turbo)

I used to be with the Star City PT Club and probably still am but haven't been around for a while so any help is appreciated.

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Bought it and love it.................

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