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On April 20th was going home from work.A guy came running across the street agandt the light.I slammed on my brakes and got rear ended ny a Mercedes SUV,over 3k in damage but Thank God noone was seriuosly hurt.When she got she was as good as new.Awaiting warmer weather to put on the rear bumper chrome.....Mike

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Never good for an accident but glad to hear that you back up and running.

Sorry about the accident, but glad no-one was hurt.

Oh No!!! That's so awful that you got hit!! 3K in damage??!!! OMG!! I'm super happy that it all got fixed!! :D How you feeling from the hit??

I was lucky.Got a little whiplash from the hit that has aggrivated my MIgraine headaches but other than that I'm OK.I just take my meds and go to the Chiropractor.Glad to say other than looking a little rear end chrome naked Niss CRN is fine


Oh good. I know that whiplash feeling. It's horrible. Go get some massage strictly to that area. I'm a massage therapist and KNOW it is wonderful for those muscles that get hammered from injury.

What does Miss CRN stand for?

Miss CRN= Miss Cruiser Registered Nurse

Oh cool! :D

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