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Throughout the years of the Pt Cruiser we have always wanted to pull more power of her little 2.4L. First came Cold air intake, then exhaust, chrysler came out with the Turbo models but i want to hear your personal story of your pavement burning Pt Cruiser.

Ps. Post Pictures!!!!!!

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My 2001 Limited Edition got an Air Raid intake and Dual Exhaust years ago. That's it. The tires have never left marks on the pavement and never will. Kids always ask me at shows if it's fast and I always say the same thing, "It got me to the show, and it'll get me home". If I wanted a race car I surely wouldn't have purchased a PT.
Lol well true keeping it simple keeps one from receiving massive headaches but when you turn her on and that turbo spools up and your thrown back into the seat and beat that Camero. Well its all worth it cause that camero got whooped by a Pt Cruiser!!!!!
Well, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I've got the cold air intake and dual exhausts and I tend to drive with a little bit of a heavy foot. So far I've had to replace 2 sets of motor mounts at roughly $750 a piece. Problem is, I love the way it sounds and feels. It's an '01' with 140,000 miles on it and runs great. "Growing older, but not up" (Buffet)
I Have my 2001 Limited Edition PT and other than the Cold Air induction and changing out the crappy oem wires and plugs that is all I have done.My PT won't break any land speed records,but I get thier always in style.Speed is not the reason why I chose a PT........God Bless......Mike
Well i love the car to DEATH!!!! but lets all admit she needs a push. Lol. i drove my baby a few days ago for the first time and OMG is she scary!!! More power than chrysler ever intended for her to have but with a few suspension upgrades she drives like a dream!!! I sure didnt buy her for the speed. i bought her because of her styles, curves, and how no two people have the same cruiser. i kept mine simple on the outside but she is a whole nother beast on the inside!!!!
keep building that beast eric........and then go out and bite a mustang in the ass for me............william
Well let me tell you what... i just finished my car this morning and drove it to work. Holy $&!% is she fast!!!!! she is running 10PSI and im impressed but not satisfied lol. on my way home from work my friend with a 71 corolla with the Grand Prix GTP 3.8 Supercharged were at a light. light turned green and the turbo civic next to my friend took of flying, my friend and i of coursed hauled ass also. Civic couldnt keep up with me at all!!! this Cruiser will bite more than mustangs. i spin the tires all through 1st, all through 2nd and partly in 3rd. only running 10PSI. i plan next week tuning it for 21PSI.


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