PT Cruiser Network

PT Cruiser Network

And what a memory it is. Beckie and I, along with the PT Cruisers of Michiana, want to thank each and every one of you that came and supported our charities. The rally was highly successful, even moreso than previous years. Once again we saw old friends, met new ones, and created wonderful memories.

It was a great show and we were proud to be your hosts. See you down the road.



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Amen to that. We really enjoyed seeing everyone. Mark and Tara
Hey guys all ways put on a hell of a rally it will be missed Thank you all it was a great weekend
Is anyone going to be posting any pictures? We could not go this year, but I would love to see pictures if anyone has them. I keep checking out the "Photos" section of this board.

I will put up a link to pictures but I don't have them back from our photographer yet, could be another week.
We too enjoyed our second visit to the show. Thank you both and your club for hosting the show one last time.
Also, thanks for the GREAT door prize that I won - the mirror.

Sue & Mike Crom

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