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What did you drive in High School or even your first car. Mine was a 1953 Studebaker. Loved that car and sometimes I wish I still had it but the upkeep would probably drive me crazy. That's why my toy now is a PT and not an old car.

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My first car was a 1966 Mustang...bright orange!! Sweet little car..wish I kept it.
My high school car was actually a '62 Sears (Silver Pigeon) motor scooter. After school I purchased a '65 Rambler as my first four wheeled vehicle. Driving was lots of fun in those days, now it's just a chore.
1963 Ford Falcon, candy apple red 2 door coupe.
Hurst 4 speed and a 6cyl that would barely pull it!
Wasn't fast but it looked good!
My first car was a custom 57 Chevy. Boy I wish I had it now and I wish I was that young again.

Mine was a light blue 64 Falcon 4 door !

1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye 340

Man Oh Man do I wish I still had that one! It was one sweet ride and that hemi orange paint had a gloss to it that was incredible! Ahhhhhhhh... memories!
1973 green chevy vega! oh my the memories, I was soooooo proud of that car. Pd $1000.00 cash. took it to a body shop and had all the rust on it fixed and repainted for $200.00. Drove it all over "H" and sold it 4 years later for $1000.00. Those were the days.
I fell in love with VW Bugs back in the 50's when my uncle brought one home after his Navy stint in CT. I think his was a '54 --it had the semaphores which I thought were nifty. Anyhow, the day after I graduated from secretarial college, I bought a brand new red (of course--isn't everyone's first car red?) 1964 VW Bug. Loved it dearly and had a ball with it (well at 19, 20 most everything is fun!). Anyhow, after that I had a '67 Bug, a '71 Squareback, then a '73 Squareback which was my alltime favorite car for many, many years--probably because I just loved the emerald green color. After that I had several used Squarebacks before moving into VW Dashers. In 2000 when I first saw a PT in a parking lot, I can remember thinking "WHAT IS THAT?" and immediately wanting one. It was 2004 before I finally was able to get one, but I've certainly enjoyed it and all the fun PT events. However our serious, everyday workhorse car is a 2002 Saturn L-series station wagon--it's almost got 100K on it and has needed very little done to it--more than I can say for the 2004 PT with only 26K on it! Oh well, who ever said beauty has to be practical! Carol
I've had lots of cars (shows my age, hope I can remember them). First car was a 50 Studebaker, have had two 57 Chevies, a 55 Chevy convertible, two other 55 Chevies. 47 Plymouth coupe, 68 Mustang, Frist brand new car was a 71 Plymouth Road Runner, wish I still had that one. Had a Corvette during my mid life crisis, then have had two PT Cruisers.
Those were all the cool cars, have also had about 20 motorcycles over the years.
my first car was a 66 chevell convertable then a 67 impala , 71 lemans sport
In high school I started off with a 47 gray Studerbaker coupe then I traded it off with $50.00 and got a 51 Black Ford coupe ,six banger.
Back in my senior year while I had the Studerbaker .I had this girl friend so I thought that had an older boy friend who worked at Chrysler. Any way he had a 57 Plymouth Fury. and one day he challenged me to a race after school.The prize was our girl friend. sort of. So this creep said it was my choice how we would race. So I knew my old six banger wouldn't beat a Plymouth Fury so I said how about we race in the school parking lot after everyone left for the day. He said sure, why not .So I told him that we would race backwards. Across the parking lot then turn around and race the other way. Not too many people knew it but the Studerbacker would go as fast in reverse as it did forward. Now the Plymouth Fury was a dog. It was an automatic and geared low So when we took off I shoot out like a bullet and he was all over the place. So anyway ,I won Janis ,The cute little princess from Kansas. And we didn't live happily ever after. I got a job at Chrysler after high school and bought a brand new 60 Chevy Impala coupe with the SS package and Janis got married and had a bunch of kids. And she got to be as big as a horse

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