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With apologies to all those nice folks who own the 'newer' PT Cruisers... I like my 2003 styling better than my black 2010 Touring Edition rental car, I have while my TAZ CRUISER is getting some senseless vandalism fixed on it.





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Yeah, I didn't care for the 08 model I had. I like my 04!
Finally made that cruise to Ocean City, MD!

The TAZ CRUISER ready to cruise to the beach

At the beach in Ocean City, MD... HOT & humid!!!
The only difference I really see is the interior,
Bur i agree with you Taz, I still luv my 2001
Sorry to hear about your PT,
Yeah... someone tried to break-in to my PT, but when unsuccessful, apparently they decided to scratch the hood too. Makes you wonder how someone could be so heartless.

Actually... that 2008 rental PT I had, did have some things I liked better than my 2003... but overall, I like the front of my PT better and the dashboard area layout better. Still every PT is part of the exclusive LOVEFEST we all have with these little cars! Let's hope a new design will come out of the Fiat/Chrysler design department.

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