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I love the bright silver, but the interior being gray really makes the car look like it belongs in a late 50's TV show. It is pretty much B&W -- no color. After two years, I decided it was time to start adding some color. Starting with the interior, I added red welt.

Then a flame:

It is slowly making it to the exterior:

And pinstriping design:

I'm looking at adding pinstriping around the beltline and big flames, as time allows.

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Pinstriping is the answer to adding to a silver PT. Just get ahold of Michael Swann and he will do wonders for your car. He has for mine.
Wow! I love it! Looks great! :)
By the way, I have invited Michael Swann to our rally, but I haven't heard back from him yet. He travels a lot, so it may be a bit before I hear from him. He also did the purple around my silver flames. :)
Wow, that red in the interior really pops!!!
Nice job, where did you get the flames?
I went with a Black and Silver contrast and it really pops!
I have done the same with mine will post some pics soon!
Thank's Terry for adding your great idea's!...I love the simple classic look of my pt, but am discovering 'bling'!..will add chrome spear covers and headlight and rear chrome rings....amazing difference!....Interior, I too, found a little bland....All I did to my gray interior was add nice looking black mats..comfortable black 'leather' cushions, black steering wheel cover..small 'diamond look' cigarette lighter, though I don't smoke....small touches with great impact...I'm learning so much from you guys!...You share so generously.thank's!...Dianna/ptfleur




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