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05' PT Overheating 2.4 Base Model Non-Turbo

Was driving on the road today and the engine overheating light came on.

There was some times where it seemed like the slower I went the worse the heat was getting but if I was driving faster it didn't happen as fast where the car would overheat.

I read online if you wait 30 minutes that's how long it takes for an engine to cool down before you should try driving again so I hung out at my local post office after picking up some packages for a half hour, and now the car is safe at home which was close by.

When I turn the car on it does not appear to me that anything for the radiator is spinning at all.

Back in October the car started overheating and it turned out it needed a new radiator which I replaced to myself. There was one day I was sitting in a field watching an air show in the very hot Florida weather, and the car light did come on for overheating. I turned it off and I haven't had a problem since. I also replaced the thermostat and also did a flush on the new radiator. (I'd that's the right word.)

At this point I'm guessing that the radiator fan is bad because I was shocked I had to replace the entire radiator but that the radiator fan itself seemed okay since it was just as old.

Someone suggested that it could possibly be the radiator fan relay which I will look into checking but right now I'm not sure what kind of radiator I have, if it's the kind that when you turn the car on the radiator should be moving immediately for the fan, or do you have to get up to a certain temperature and then the fan comes on?

Lastly I would like to comment and say thank you for the people on this group who helped me lend so much and learn to install a radiator and a thermostat and countless other things.

It turned out there were some wires that have melted together and that was causing problems in addition to needing a new radiator replacement. I stripped the wires apart carefully and covered them with electrical tape and haven't had a problem since.

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