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  • Click on the image icon in the strip of icons at top of message box (next to 'link')
  • Click on gray 'Choose File' box
  • Select the photo you want to add from your computer files and double click on that photo
  • After that photo file loads, select where you want it to appear (i.e.: left, center, right, full)
  • Go to 'Width' and in the white box that has a number next to pixels, enter the following:
        For a horizontal photo enter  400
        For a vertical photo enter  250
  • After entering 'width', click the red OK button to add your selected photo
NOTE:  photo size and placement can be changed by clicking on photo and using the small box that will appear and clicking on the word 'edit', which will re-open the add photo box again... to remove photo, click the word 'delete'. 

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